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The Good and the Frustrating from Recent Outreach

Though there is still plenty on calendar, I wanted to share some highlights—both the good and the frustrating—from our outreach endeavors so far this summer.

The Good

  • New volunteers. While we’ve had some extra help from our intern, Hannah, and our friends Ed and Rachel, I am excited that we have engaged new volunteers right here from New Morning. During the Provo Farmers Market we had two new volunteers, including a man that has been attending our services for two years.
  • Positive feedback. During the Farmers Market, a woman thanked us for taking care of the flower bed in Cherry Hill Park. She said she walks by it every morning. That sort of name recognition is one of the reasons we decided to participate in the Adopt-a-Spot program.
  • Successful followup. Through phone calls, emails, and letters, we were able to contact everyone that stopped by our booth during the Freedom Festival, thank them for entering our drawing, and invite them again to church.
  • Record attendance. Yesterday we conducted our third monthly worship service at Trinity Mission Health & Rehab with a record attendance of nineteen.

The Frustrating

  • Unattractive giveaway. In anticipation of the Farmers Market, we ordered several hundred canvas tote bags with our logo and web address on them. However, no one here wants a tote bag from a non-LDS church. I offered one to a lady passing our booth whose arms were full of produce. She looked at it, smirked, and declined.
  • Stolen property. Since the Farmers Market, all of the signs in our adopted flower bed that read “This Spot Has Been Adopted by New Morning Church” have been stolen.
  • Bad location. Our booth during the Freedom Festival was in the last space on a dead end alley. This drastically cut our interaction with people and we only collected a fourth of the contact information we have gathered in previous years.

How You Can Invest in Provo: A Short List for Our Supporters

Recently a pastor from North Carolina called to see how Grayson and I were doing and to ask if we had any specific needs that he could share with his congregation. I appreciated his call and am grateful for the large number of individuals and churches that have continued to invest in the ministry here in Provo both prayerfully and financially. If you or your church are one of those “investors”, or are looking to become one, please pray for and consider giving toward some of our current needs listed below:

  • Upcoming Ministry/Outreach Events. On June 24 we will conduct our second worship service Trinity Mission Health and Rehab. You can read about what happened during our first service here. On June 28 we will set up a booth at the Provo Farmers Market where we will pass out books ($100), Bibles, and tote bags with our church’s logo. From July 3 though 5 we will have a booth set up the Freedom Festival. In addition to passing out books ($100) and Bibles, we will hold a drawing for a Nintendo Wii U ($300).
  • Outreach Materials. We are in need of new tracts, church brochures, envelopes, letterhead, and T-shirts ($ANY) to be used both in and out of our church services. Also, we would like to conduct a mass mailing ($ANY) in August, leading up to our third anniversary service on September 21.
  • Summer Intern. Hannah has already been with us for three weeks and has been a huge help! She has not only been serving New Morning, she has volunteered for Key Radio, the Orem City Parks Department, and the Pregnancy Resource Center. She will be with us through July 8.
  • Church Equipment. We have found a set of dividers ($600) that would allow us to create space for those with babies and small children in the back of the conference room where we meet. This doesn’t mean that we are starting a children’s church or anything, but we feel it is a needed amenity. We have also been looking at amps for our instruments as we have finally incorporated music into our services. We’re considering the Fender Passport or Bose Compact ($899).
  • Personal Needs. Grayson will be having knee surgery on June 17. The total estimated recovery time is eight weeks, the first two of which she will be completely immobile.

Thank you again to all of our supporters! Your continued investment in Provo is an encouragement to us!

Why We Adopted a Spot

Why We Adopted a Spot, loganwolf.netThis year New Morning Church is participating in Orem’s Adopt-a-Spot program, a project that allows individuals and organizations to voluntarily care for a flower bed in one of the city’s many parks. Our “spot” is the long flower bed along the tennis courts at Cherry Hill Park. As a pastor, I see this as a great opportunity for our church! Hereis why:

  • It will put into practice what has recently been preached. Do you remember my message “Stewarding Creation”? This is a practical way to live out the charge given to mankind in Genesis 1:26.
  • It will plug people into service. I understand that those new to our church may be hesitant to help take church invitations door to door or tend to our booth at a community event. However, what objections could someone have to spending thirty minutes pulling weeds? This is a low pressure activity that can be done by yourself or with a friend.
  • It will produce a sense of community ownership. Nothing makes you feel like you are a part Why We Adopted a Spot, loganwolf.netof something like jumping in and getting involved. We love Provo/Orem and we love those that, like us, call it home!
  • It will provide advertising. It is unlikely that anyone will walk through our doors as a direct result of seeing our name on the placards throughout this flower bed. But like with all of our advertising, the goal here is name recognition. That way when you are inviting someone to worship with us, they will have already had some exposure to who we are. “Oh, I’ve seen your ads in the gym.” “I’ve received a post card from you.” “You had an insert in the paper recently.” And now, “I walk by your flower bed.”

If you would like to volunteer with us, you can write PARK under the I’D LIKE MORE INFORMATION ABOUT section of your Connection Card this Sunday.

You’re Not Going to Believe What Happened at Trinity

Last night thirteen people, including Grayson, Bryant, Hannah, and myself, gathered together for prayer, singing, and Bible study during our first monthly worship service at Trinity Mission Health & Rehab.

I stood upfront on a small stage and had been speaking maybe ten minutes when a man raised his hand. When I am speaking and someone indicates that they have a question, I typically ask them to wait until I’m finished. I don’t know what caused me to break my own protocol, but what happened next is a perfect example of why I have one in place.

“Since you brought it up…” I had mentioned the Dead Sea Scrolls and what followed was a series of questions obviously meant to derail the service. I couldn’t get a word in edgewise and each attempt seemed to cause him to get louder until he reached his crescendo—”Do you even believe there is a modern prophet on the earth today?!”

“No, sir, I do not.”

“You’re heading down a dangerous path and I don’t think any of you need to come back here!” Then, turning to everyone else in the room, he said, “Raise your hand if you want to keep listening to this guy knowing he isn’t LDS?!”

There was split second when I thought that he was going to lead everyone out of the room. However, everyone else raised their hands. As I looked over to Grayson and Bryant, I couldn’t help but laugh to myself. Their hands in the air, the expression on their faces was not one of surprise or dread or disbelief, but calmness. This was not a unique situation for any of us. This is part of ministering in Utah.

At this point, a staff member politely asked him to leave and we continued unimpeded. When I finished the lesson, Bryant led us in another song and Grayson prayed.

Before leaving, we all went around and spoke to everyone, gauging their interest and thanking them for attending. One ninety-three year old woman told us that she had been looking forward to our being there and that she thoroughly enjoyed it. She explained that her sons keep trying to convert her to Mormonism but that God has told her not to. Our being there was an encouragement to her. “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” she said.

Highlights from Guest Teaching at Southeastern

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to guest teach the Discipleship Ministries class at Southeastern Free Will Baptist College via FaceTime. While the slight delay in connection made it difficult in the moment to determine how jokes—not to mention my main points—were landing, the feedback I received afterwards was encouraging. Here are some of the highlights from my lesson.

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