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Where Have All the Posts Gone?

Since the start of our deputation in 2010, it has been one of my goals to not just maintain but to develop relationships with our supporters—you. A big part of that involves keeping you informed, and this blog has been one of the primary means to that end. However, it’s been three months since I’ve written anything here and you may have started wondering, “Where have all the posts gone?” (Or maybe not. Who knows.) Some changes have been made, but you can still continue to keep up with all that God is doing in our lives and in the ministry here in Provo, Utah. Let me explain how.

1.  Bookmark our Supporters Page. (Note: this is not a mobile site and not available on mobile devices.) This “secret” page on our church’s website will serve as your dashboard to our ministry.

Supports Page Header

2.  Like New Morning Church on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. I usually post something relevant to our ministry (links to articles, quotes, photos, Bible verses, etc.) once a day. (You can also find me personally on Facebook and Twitter.)

3.  Sign up for weekly email updates here. These go out every Saturday and include a link to the previous week’s sermon, teasers from future messages, and reminders about upcoming events and opportunities to get involved. While they are written with our own community in mind, they are a good way for you to stay informed about New Morning as well.

4.  Listen to messages from New Morning’s pulpit. You’ll see the “Sermons” button in the menu bar near the top of the Supporters Page. All of the messages at New Morning are recorded, including guests speakers, and uploaded on Monday.

5.  Visit the new blog here and subscribe using the “Follow by Email” option on the right. 

A New Morning

Here’s the first big change: I will no longer be posting at loganwolf.net. Instead, I will be writing on our church’s blog, A New Morning. This is a blog that rejoices in God’s mercy and the promise of a fresh start each day (cf. Lamentations 3:22, 23). While it will have less personal material, you can expect encouraging and thought provoking posts related to prayer, sermons series, current events, and Bible doctrine.

6.  Subscribe to our newsletter by filling our the form here. Be sure to include your mailing address. If you have given financially at any point in the past, you should already receive a copy to be displayed or distributed as you see fit. Here’s the second big change: per new Faith Missions policies, starting in January 2015, our newsletter will be mailed out quarterly instead of bimonthly. The latest issue will be available on our Supporters Page under the “Download” section at the bottom. Our most recent newsletter is from September/October 2014 and our next one will come out in January 2015.

Thank you for your continued prayers, encouragement, and financial support!

Print Edition (January/February 2014)

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