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Truth in Love Ministry Presentation

This past Sunday we were joined by Dave Malnes of Truth in Love Ministry (TILM). What an encouragement! If you weren’t able to be with us, you can listen to the entirety of his presentation here. You can also read about their current campaign in our area here.

Please keep the TILM team in your prayers and remember that 10% of this month’s offerings will go toward this organization.

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“I connected all the dots and realized…” [Letter]

I receive letters on a regular basis and thought I’d share one for the benefit of our supporters as a means of adding a little more context to our ministry. This particular letter was written in response to a mailing, the “delightful letter and invitation” referred to in the opening sentence, that we send out once a month to new movers in our area. The only piece of commentary I will provide is that, while I appreciate this person’s taking the time to write to me and to do so in a courteous manner, I obviously do not agree with their conclusion.


Pastor Wolf, 

What a delightful letter and invitation you have written. Thank you whole-heartedly.

My dad would be smiling at you from heaven as he was a minister of another Christian church while I was growing up in Canada. If it had not been for him, I may not have such a curious nature to search and later in my life find the true gospel.

Although it took many trials and lots of mistakes (and I still make them), my sweet 14 year old son ordered The Lamb of God from the TV and 3 weeks later our family of four were all baptized! At the time, I was studying The Teachings of Christ from Charles Stanley from In Touch Ministries, so you see how great work you Christian ministers are doing. The missionaries came to our home and I connected all the dots and realized that even though the people are not perfect, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is restored on earth from the original church in the New Testament!

I’m still curious about many things, I still have trials, but I know the heavens are opened, we have a living prophet just like the 600 in the Bible, and that the authority of the Priesthood is here to preach, teach, baptize, and bless people. I hope you continue to keep Christ in your thoughts and prayers as you keep your people close to Him!

My dad is now a member as I did “the work” for him (a male priesthood holder) in our Temple and we have the opportunity to be sealed in the Temple forever. Once again thank you for your kind letter.

Yours truly,