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Back from Honduras

Back from Honduras, loganwolf.netI recently returned from a ten day trip to San Pedro Sula, Honduras. I was part of a joint team from CrossPoint Church in Salt Lake City, Utah and Gateway Community Christian Church in Mountain View, Wyoming, sponsored by Hungry for Life. The purpose of the trip was to connect with local pastors in the Rio Blanco area, help with VBS programs, assist with construction projects, and explore the possibility of a long-term partnership with this community. It was an eye-opening experience that God used to challenge me greatly.Back from Honduras, loganwolf.netOn Sunday, August 3, we worshipped with local believers at the Cristo Centro Church. During the service a woman went up front and gave a testimony. While I was encouraged by the entirety of the service, God used this particular moment within it to speak to me. Through a translator we learned that she was praising God for His goodness and thanking Him for always meeting her needs. I choked up. In light of the extreme poverty we observed and worked in the day before, her statement hit me hard. Through this woman, God reminded me that His blessings are not always tied to the material—stuff does not mean spiritual—and He convicted me about my own tendency to inflate the definition of need. I’m still chewing on this and I pray we all learn to be content in Him and Him alone.Back from Honduras, loganwolf.net

You can view pictures and read more about the trip here.

My Name Is Hannah Driggers [Guest Post]

My name is Hannah Driggers, and I’m a junior studying Secondary Education in English with an emphasis in Missions. I am originally from the small town of Scranton*, South Carolina, where I reside with my wonderful parents and adopted brother, Charley (he’s the dog); however, I now live the majority of my year as a city girl in busy Nashville, Tennessee, attending Welch College. I’m a right side hitter for the Lady Flames’ volleyball team, and I sing in the Welch College Choir.

After my first missions trip to Panama in high school, I knew I wanted to be fully involved in missions. That first missions trip was an amazing growing experience that I’ll never forget. Last summer, I visited Provo with First Church from Florence, South Carolina. The experience was so different from my first missions trip, but I learned just as much.

I am so excited to be able to come back to Provo as New Morning Church‘s first intern and spend my summer learning from Logan, Grayson, Bryant, and Maggie! I hope to learn a little more about everyday missionary life, evangelism strategies, and life outside of my “Bible College bubble.” The things that I learn this summer will help me wherever God leads me, whether it’s in a small town, a big city, or a foreign country.

* Hannah is unaware that I have added this link, but it seemed like a waste not to.

Visitors from Virginia

Visitors from Virginia, loganwolf.netVisitors from Virginia, loganwolf.netLast week we hosted our first out of town visitors of the year. Brent Patrick, the pastor of Gateway Church in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and Chip Henley, the associate pastor of outreach, joined us for three days. It was a very encouraging visit for us and an eyeopening one for them as they left with a better understanding of the context in which God has called us to minister.

Bryant and I picked them up at the airport and took the afternoon to show them around Salt Lake City. Like with all first time visitors, this meant a tour of Temple Square, but we also stopped by This Is the Place Heritage Park on the way home. The next day I showed them the incredible city of Provo. We visited a number of the uniquely Mormon landmarks, spent time on BYU’s campus, grabbed lunch at a local restaurant, and prayed for our upcoming service at our meeting facility. Their final day was more relaxed. We went to the American Red Cross’s 2014 Heroes Recognition Event, which I was a part of, and afterwards played eighteen holes…of Wii golf.

We are so appreciative of Brent and Chip’s taking the time to see us and we’re looking forward to the possibility of hosting a larger group from Virginia in the future! In the meantime, we want to extend the same invitation to your church: Come visit Provo, Utah!

You can download our most recent mission trip flyer here.

“What Is Translation and Why Does It Matter?” in 5 Tweets

A recap of my message “What Is Translation and Why Does It Matter?” (from the series “A More Sure Word”) in 140 characters or less.

  1. Translation is the process of rendering the biblical Hebrew, Aramaic, or Greek into another language. #NewMorningProvo
  2. There are two philosophies when it comes to biblical translation: thought-for-thought and word-for-word. #NewMorningProvo
  3. If God has inspired every word (cf. Matthew 4:4), then I want a word-for-word translation. #NewMorningProvo
  4. That God preserves His Word (cf. Ps. 12:6, 7) means that there are trustworthy translations for us to use and share today. #NewMorningProvo
  5. Translation allows us to fulfill the Great Commission, taking God’s Word to “all nations” (Matthew 28:19). #NewMorningProvo

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Earlier this month I spoke via FaceTime at Faith Church‘s mission conference, A Heart for the Harvest. From Romans 10 I shared a message titled “The Great Commission and Good Communication”. You can read through my manuscript here, but my point main point was that those sent are dependent on those that send them and their ability to fulfill the Great Commission is directly tied to good communication from those back home.

In addition, I live tweeted this event. If you were not following me on Twitter, here is what you missed:

The feedback I’ve gotten has been tremendous. I thank God so many found the message  both challenging and practical. Remember, missions is a team effort—it’s paramount we all see it that way.

Were you able to attend Faith Church’s mission conference? When was the last time you reached out to a missionary just see if he or she needed anything?

A Heart for the Harvest [Event]

A Heart for the Harvest [Event], loganwolf.netThis week Faith Church holds its annual missions conference. The theme is A Heart for the Harvest. Speakers include John Anderson (Wednesday, October 2), Randy Herring (Saturday, October 5), Nathan Massey (Sunday, October 6), Jeff Jones (Sunday, October 6), and—thanks to FaceTime—myself. I’ll be speaking Sunday morning at 10am EST. I’ve enjoyed both attending and participating in this conference in years past. If you’re in the area, I hope you will try to make it out for at least one of the services.

I plan on live tweeting during my time slot. Using the hashtag #heartfortheharvest, I’ll be sharing additional information and quotes from my lesson, and maybe even a few personal observations. Please keep this conference in your prayers, and if you’re there that morning give me a shout out on Twitter. You can follow me @loganwolf85.