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Visitors from Virginia

Visitors from Virginia, loganwolf.netVisitors from Virginia, loganwolf.netLast week we hosted our first out of town visitors of the year. Brent Patrick, the pastor of Gateway Church in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and Chip Henley, the associate pastor of outreach, joined us for three days. It was a very encouraging visit for us and an eyeopening one for them as they left with a better understanding of the context in which God has called us to minister.

Bryant and I picked them up at the airport and took the afternoon to show them around Salt Lake City. Like with all first time visitors, this meant a tour of Temple Square, but we also stopped by This Is the Place Heritage Park on the way home. The next day I showed them the incredible city of Provo. We visited a number of the uniquely Mormon landmarks, spent time on BYU’s campus, grabbed lunch at a local restaurant, and prayed for our upcoming service at our meeting facility. Their final day was more relaxed. We went to the American Red Cross’s 2014 Heroes Recognition Event, which I was a part of, and afterwards played eighteen holes…of Wii golf.

We are so appreciative of Brent and Chip’s taking the time to see us and we’re looking forward to the possibility of hosting a larger group from Virginia in the future! In the meantime, we want to extend the same invitation to your church: Come visit Provo, Utah!

You can download our most recent mission trip flyer here.