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Where Have All the Posts Gone?

Since the start of our deputation in 2010, it has been one of my goals to not just maintain but to develop relationships with our supporters—you. A big part of that involves keeping you informed, and this blog has been one of the primary means to that end. However, it’s been three months since I’ve written anything here and you may have started wondering, “Where have all the posts gone?” (Or maybe not. Who knows.) Some changes have been made, but you can still continue to keep up with all that God is doing in our lives and in the ministry here in Provo, Utah. Let me explain how.

1.  Bookmark our Supporters Page. (Note: this is not a mobile site and not available on mobile devices.) This “secret” page on our church’s website will serve as your dashboard to our ministry.

Supports Page Header

2.  Like New Morning Church on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. I usually post something relevant to our ministry (links to articles, quotes, photos, Bible verses, etc.) once a day. (You can also find me personally on Facebook and Twitter.)

3.  Sign up for weekly email updates here. These go out every Saturday and include a link to the previous week’s sermon, teasers from future messages, and reminders about upcoming events and opportunities to get involved. While they are written with our own community in mind, they are a good way for you to stay informed about New Morning as well.

4.  Listen to messages from New Morning’s pulpit. You’ll see the “Sermons” button in the menu bar near the top of the Supporters Page. All of the messages at New Morning are recorded, including guests speakers, and uploaded on Monday.

5.  Visit the new blog here and subscribe using the “Follow by Email” option on the right. 

A New Morning

Here’s the first big change: I will no longer be posting at Instead, I will be writing on our church’s blog, A New Morning. This is a blog that rejoices in God’s mercy and the promise of a fresh start each day (cf. Lamentations 3:22, 23). While it will have less personal material, you can expect encouraging and thought provoking posts related to prayer, sermons series, current events, and Bible doctrine.

6.  Subscribe to our newsletter by filling our the form here. Be sure to include your mailing address. If you have given financially at any point in the past, you should already receive a copy to be displayed or distributed as you see fit. Here’s the second big change: per new Faith Missions policies, starting in January 2015, our newsletter will be mailed out quarterly instead of bimonthly. The latest issue will be available on our Supporters Page under the “Download” section at the bottom. Our most recent newsletter is from September/October 2014 and our next one will come out in January 2015.

Thank you for your continued prayers, encouragement, and financial support!

Back from Honduras

Back from Honduras, loganwolf.netI recently returned from a ten day trip to San Pedro Sula, Honduras. I was part of a joint team from CrossPoint Church in Salt Lake City, Utah and Gateway Community Christian Church in Mountain View, Wyoming, sponsored by Hungry for Life. The purpose of the trip was to connect with local pastors in the Rio Blanco area, help with VBS programs, assist with construction projects, and explore the possibility of a long-term partnership with this community. It was an eye-opening experience that God used to challenge me greatly.Back from Honduras, loganwolf.netOn Sunday, August 3, we worshipped with local believers at the Cristo Centro Church. During the service a woman went up front and gave a testimony. While I was encouraged by the entirety of the service, God used this particular moment within it to speak to me. Through a translator we learned that she was praising God for His goodness and thanking Him for always meeting her needs. I choked up. In light of the extreme poverty we observed and worked in the day before, her statement hit me hard. Through this woman, God reminded me that His blessings are not always tied to the material—stuff does not mean spiritual—and He convicted me about my own tendency to inflate the definition of need. I’m still chewing on this and I pray we all learn to be content in Him and Him alone.Back from Honduras,

You can view pictures and read more about the trip here.

How You Can Invest in Provo: A Short List for Our Supporters

Recently a pastor from North Carolina called to see how Grayson and I were doing and to ask if we had any specific needs that he could share with his congregation. I appreciated his call and am grateful for the large number of individuals and churches that have continued to invest in the ministry here in Provo both prayerfully and financially. If you or your church are one of those “investors”, or are looking to become one, please pray for and consider giving toward some of our current needs listed below:

  • Upcoming Ministry/Outreach Events. On June 24 we will conduct our second worship service Trinity Mission Health and Rehab. You can read about what happened during our first service here. On June 28 we will set up a booth at the Provo Farmers Market where we will pass out books ($100), Bibles, and tote bags with our church’s logo. From July 3 though 5 we will have a booth set up the Freedom Festival. In addition to passing out books ($100) and Bibles, we will hold a drawing for a Nintendo Wii U ($300).
  • Outreach Materials. We are in need of new tracts, church brochures, envelopes, letterhead, and T-shirts ($ANY) to be used both in and out of our church services. Also, we would like to conduct a mass mailing ($ANY) in August, leading up to our third anniversary service on September 21.
  • Summer Intern. Hannah has already been with us for three weeks and has been a huge help! She has not only been serving New Morning, she has volunteered for Key Radio, the Orem City Parks Department, and the Pregnancy Resource Center. She will be with us through July 8.
  • Church Equipment. We have found a set of dividers ($600) that would allow us to create space for those with babies and small children in the back of the conference room where we meet. This doesn’t mean that we are starting a children’s church or anything, but we feel it is a needed amenity. We have also been looking at amps for our instruments as we have finally incorporated music into our services. We’re considering the Fender Passport or Bose Compact ($899).
  • Personal Needs. Grayson will be having knee surgery on June 17. The total estimated recovery time is eight weeks, the first two of which she will be completely immobile.

Thank you again to all of our supporters! Your continued investment in Provo is an encouragement to us!

Three Years in Utah!

Today marks three years since Grayson and I moved to Utah, an occasion we celebrate by doing something in the area we haven’t done before and eating at a restaurant we haven’t tried. This past Saturday we had breakfast at The Rose Establishment, toured the Natural History Museum of Utah, and got lunch at Charlotte-Rose’s Carolina BBQ (the owner of which is a once professed Baptist now turned Mormon convert).Three Years in Utah!,

In the car ride back from Salt Lake, Grayson and I talked about all that has happened during this third year in Utah and here are what we believe to be the top three highlights:

  • In August we held our very first baby dedication service for Bryant and Maggie’s daughter, Spenser Kate. This service also saw our highest attendance to date—thirty-four, most of whom were Bryant and Maggie’s neighbors and co-workers.
  • In October I graduated from Baptist College of America with a master’s degree in theology and Grayson has just recently applied for a master’s program at Southern Utah University.
  • In March Grayson’s dad, Sonny, arrived. Her mom, Jan, moved here in October to start a job that same month. It has been great having them both here!

Of course, there is so much more that stands out in our minds from this past year, not the least of which is the continued prayers, encouragement, and financial support of so many individuals and churches. We could not be here without you and are excited about what God has in store for all of us in the next year!

Visitors from Virginia

Visitors from Virginia, loganwolf.netVisitors from Virginia, loganwolf.netLast week we hosted our first out of town visitors of the year. Brent Patrick, the pastor of Gateway Church in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and Chip Henley, the associate pastor of outreach, joined us for three days. It was a very encouraging visit for us and an eyeopening one for them as they left with a better understanding of the context in which God has called us to minister.

Bryant and I picked them up at the airport and took the afternoon to show them around Salt Lake City. Like with all first time visitors, this meant a tour of Temple Square, but we also stopped by This Is the Place Heritage Park on the way home. The next day I showed them the incredible city of Provo. We visited a number of the uniquely Mormon landmarks, spent time on BYU’s campus, grabbed lunch at a local restaurant, and prayed for our upcoming service at our meeting facility. Their final day was more relaxed. We went to the American Red Cross’s 2014 Heroes Recognition Event, which I was a part of, and afterwards played eighteen holes…of Wii golf.

We are so appreciative of Brent and Chip’s taking the time to see us and we’re looking forward to the possibility of hosting a larger group from Virginia in the future! In the meantime, we want to extend the same invitation to your church: Come visit Provo, Utah!

You can download our most recent mission trip flyer here.

I’m Going Offline

I’m taking a break from the Internet. Starting the morning of Monday, December 23 I will go offline. No social media, no surfing the web, and no email. As a new year approaches I have found that it is helpful to unplug and restrict my accessibility, taking time for more important matters. So exactly what will I be doing until Monday, January 6?

Taking more time to be with God—thanking, asking, and listening.

Taking more time to be with my wife—talking, playing, and laughing.

Taking more time to be alone—dreaming, thinking, and planning.

This will be the second year I’ve taking such a break. It’s refreshing to say the least and I’m looking forward to it. Why not take a few days to go offline yourself?